The SNOWFLOW Balaclava is the most innovative and functional balaclava on the market.

Designed for the ultimate performance so you can focus on your ride and not the limitations of your gear. We also designed it with glasses in mind. If you wear glasses, this balaclava is for you.


The silicon substance does not become stiff in the coldest conditions to ensure an undeniable seal. The patent-pending technology is the only kind on the market that creates a full seal around the nose and mouth of the wearer while depositing off all that moisture through the bottom of the facepiece.


The neoprene and polar fleece combination creates a seamless transition from your helmet to your jacket with no opportunity for leakage or wind burn.

Clear Vision for Glasses-Wearing Riders: SNOWFLOW Balaclava Solution

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For glasses-wearing riders, there's a familiar challenge that often accompanies winter adventures – fogged-up glasses. The thrill of the ride shouldn't be hindered by obscured vision.

But the SNOWFLOW Balaclava, is the ultimate solution designed to keep your glasses fog-free and provide unbeatable comfort in cold conditions.

Remove the fog on your glasses before you remove your glasses instead with the SNOWFLOW balaclava.

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